Monday, January 21, 2008

barbe bleue


this is a project i made for my french translation 3 class when i was in college. we were assigned the story of barbe bleue, or blue beard, to translate from french to english in a creative and interpretative way.

all of my classmates wrote up translations that were fairly straight and true to the story. the night before it was due, i got out my sharpie, my crayons, and my construction paper, and made this:


i thought it would be funny to make it into something on the idea of a children's book, but very, very dark (thanks, creepy storyline). simple drawings with crayon to highlight the two most significant colors.


due to my minimal grasp on the french language, i kept the translation fairly literal but embellished with my own sense of humor and details i thought would add interest to the story. for instance, there are a couple of crusty punk characters and a hero that rides off into the sunset on a vespa scooter.


i'm only showing a sample, since i'm still thinking i might do something with it someday. i'm glad i wouldn't let my teacher keep it. je suis desolee, marie-cecile.


Monday, January 14, 2008

regarding photocopies

comic about work

at my first publishing job i did a LOT of photocopying. my coworker paul and i would stand at photocopiers all day, copying manuscripts. sometimes i'd be stuck at the copiers alone and my mind would wander, as it has been known to do. this comic came about when i pondered the face of the dude on the wrapping around reams of letter-sized paper. it was never finished, but does that really matter?

found in my closet yesterday, probably drawn around 2001-2003.

view a piece above, or follow this link to see the whole thing up close.

Sunday, January 13, 2008



found in a box of stuff from college. i'm not sure when i drew it, though it's possible that it was during college. my math skills are not that bad, and i haven't given much thought to long-distance calls since i got a cell phone. relic from the past!!!

beware the missed opportunity for comedy gold

attention, writers!

(thanks danielle and karen for the extra prodding to draw this!)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

hair commandment

hairstyle commandment

partially because i always "forget" and disobey, partially because it's fun to draw blackletter while you're at brunch.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007: the year i discovered my patronus


i found it in a dream, in a kitchen with exposed shelving and lots of wood paneling. on the shelf sat the most unusual piece of taxidermy i had ever seen, a truly rare specimen: a guinea pig with a single horn, suspended until the end of time in mid-hop.

the plaque read: guinea-corn.

my patronus. sent to protect me, and guide me on my way.

red shirts


some color-coordinated dudes at a bar, with rolling stones haircuts. drawn/stamped in very early 2007.