Wednesday, August 27, 2008


for some reason i never got into painting. something about the lack of control of the brushes, the lack of lines outlining everything, the idea of being patient and letting it dry... never really appealed. also, i felt like i had no good ideas of what to paint once the paints were out there in front of me.

but then i ended up planning/curating an art show at my work (so i needed to bring in something i made), and my friend millie said something really funny that i knew i had to draw, and the planets aligned and i made this:

dinner with el chupacabra

it's dinner with el chupacabra, of course. it came out exactly as silly as i hoped it would. the color is a little bit off on-screen, but you get the idea. funny stuff.

and then, because i can't just make ONE of anything, i made this:

shoe shopping with bigfoot

shoe shopping with bigfoot

i'm not sure how much i'll be able to paint (takes time and ideas!) or how much i'll paint vs. draw in the future, but i had so much fun making these and feel like there may be at least a few more paintings in me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

summertime movies 2008

this summer i've been watching a lot of movies. sure, ticket prices are higher than ever, but i can think of no better way to spend a sweltering summer day away from my apartment. this is the first installment of illustrated impressions of the films i've been watching. and on to the summer blockbusters!

stepbrothers, 7/25

stepbrothers, starring will ferrell and john c. reilly. sophomoric gross-out humor? CHECK!!! i liked this movie because it was completely ridiculous. watch out for the sleepwalking scenes, some of my favorites.

mama mia, 7/26

mama mia, starring amanda seyfried, meryl streep, and about twenty other famous people. i don't like musicals, but i do like ABBA and several of the actors/actresses in this movie, so it was enjoyable. it was appropriately silly and fun, and the only thing that would have made it better was if it were a singalong (attention theatres: do it!!!).

xfiles, 8/1

the x-files: i want to believe, starring david duchovny, gillian anderson, and isn't that really enough? i had suspicions that this movie would be terrible, honestly. i was a huge x-files fan when it was on the air, and felt that i couldn't go without seeing this movie... happily, although it featured zero aliens and nearly as many weird monsters, it was decent and i mostly enjoyed it. "mostly" because it really didn't capture what was so wonderful about the series, which was the overwhelming feeling of possibility. this movie was very grounded and realistic, considering that this is the series that once had a storyline about people being possessed by an extraterrestrial being that leeched into their eyes in the form of a swirly black oily substance. some wacky stuff, but nothing like that.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

graphic design nerdery

this post isn't something i drew, and it's not even related to comics at all. it is, however, a hilarious-to-me scene from the movie "american psycho."

i went to see this movie when it came out, but the hilarity of this discussion was (mostly) lost on me until i started working in graphic design. i saw part of this movie the other day (due to the new batman movie, it seems like there are tons of christian bale movies on lately... no objections here!) and realized just how great this scene is:

Sunday, August 03, 2008

bazaar bizarre promotion

baz biz fans

i'm helping out with some duties for the bazaar bizarre boston this year... my first project was designing these fans to promote the event to vendors and customers at the art beat festival last month in somerville, ma. this has been a fun project so far, and there is lots more to come!