Friday, April 29, 2011

Open studios April 30 + May 1: one more thing!

Friends! I received a question from someone about whether or not you should bring your own supplies for the letter-writing party at my open studio tomorrow and Sunday. This is the deal:

I have made some special-for-the-event stationery AND postcards which you are welcome to use. I will be digging through my paper stash for some coordinating envelopes. I also received a donation of some stationery from the Letter Writers Alliance from their recent letter-writing party and it is very cool. You can use that, too. No charge for any of this stuff, by the way.

However, if there is a special paper you want to use, or maybe you write all your notes to friends on Atlantic City postcards or something clever like that, well you are certainly welcome to bring it for yourself. Either way, no problem!

And I will also have a selection of stamps available, in case you need one. Because if you're gonna write a letter, you're gonna want to mail it.

Ok! See you tomorrow, or maybe Sunday!

Miss Sequential #4

Miss Sequential #4 is now available! Subtitled Outgoing: My Life in Mail, this issue of Miss Sequential chronicles the way in which the mail (the US Postal Service, pen pals, etc.) has figured prominently in my life from birth to the present. It is an autobiography framed by the act of correspondence. It is entirely hand-written, as though a letter from me to you.

You can get my zine through my shop on Etsy, although if you need to arrange purchase another way just contact me at thimblewinder at gmail dot com and we'll work something out.

And of course, this zine will most definitely be available at this weekend's Open Studio + Letter-Writing party, which is tomorrow and Sunday.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I forgot to post about this earlier!

This is a logo I created for FILL-anthropic, an organization started by one of my friends from home, Karen Gilbransen. We worked together to come up with a logo concept that would suggest a glass-half-full optimism about doing your part to make a difference in our hometown community of Willimantic, Connecticut.

The logo was created in black and white to keep printing costs minimal (flyers and postcards can be printed on any photocopier) and to keep the beverage generic (though if we're being honest, mine would have to be one of the house brews from the Willimantic Brewing Company). A color version could be an easy change in the future.

From the organization's Facebook page:

Raising money for local non-profits is as easy as going out for a drink and leaving a donation. It really is that simple. Once a month we meet at the Willimantic Brewing Company, spend time with friends and meet new ones. We ask for a donation of $5. That money goes to a local organization that we choose.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lynda! Barry!

Lynda! Barry! by thimblewinder
Lynda! Barry!, a photo by thimblewinder on Flickr.

Last night I went to see cartoonists Lynda Barry (One! Hundred! Demons!, What it Is) and Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) read from their work and discuss comics at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Right before the event, while people were still trickling into the auditorium, Lynda sat in the front row, re-braiding her hair and tying on a bright red bandanna. My hero.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Open studios April 30 + May 1

It's that time again! Somerville Open Studios is in just a few weeks, and I will be showing my recent and older and maybe even FUTURE creations. And so will you.

Wait, what's this about you? That's right. Should you come visit my studio on April 30 or May 1 between the hours of noon and 6pm, you may very well create some art of your own. Making and sending mail is a big part of my creative process, so I've decided that my open studio should include a casual letter- (or postcard, or thank-you note) party, because good mail is something to be shared. Also, I am thinking about making brownies, which are also something to be shared.

In addition to the letter-writing business (and you don't have to if you don't want to), THERE WILL BE A NEW ZINE if that's your sort of thing. There is also a possibility of looking at some zine flats, and some stuff I'm not quite finished with, because process is cool, and I'm going to show some illustration work I've done this past year. I'm not sure what else, but it'll be fun.

You can find my location, a map, and an artist statement right here.