Monday, February 23, 2009

The Sketchbook Project

This, my friends, got a little out of control in the very best way possible.

About a month or so ago, I joined a project called the Sketchbook Project, a brainstorm of the guys at Art House Coop. Fill a Moleskine sketchbook with artwork based on the theme "Everyone We Know"? Alright, this I can do.

I decided to illustrate 32 of my Facebook friends' status messages in my own cartoon/caricature style. Over the course of several weeks, I collected the most interesting (drawing-wise) status updates and logged them in a notebook. I then set out to illustrate the best of the list.

#7: david hornbuckle

I'm lucky my friends have such weird adventures.

#11: cheryl tapper

I like to challenge myself, and I decided that 32 drawings in about a month in a 3x5-inch sketchbook was KIND OF challenging (ha). But I also decided to limit myself to drawing as quickly as possible--this helped me to get my ideas on the paper quickly, and stopped me from getting too critical about composition (which I couldn't afford to do with 32 drawings to do). These are meant to be sketchy and simple, and I think they worked out well.

#2: laura fisher

One of the most fun aspects of this project was getting to draw people I've always wanted to draw, and getting to draw a few friends/acquaintances who do a lot of drawing themselves! (like missy, below, who draws all kinds of awesome comics and illustrations)

#13: missy kulik

To see the whole set, check out my flickr here: Sketchbook by Marissa Falco

To learn more about The Sketchbook Project and the touring exhibit, go here: the Sketchbook Project

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pretty Swim Caps for the City Swimmers

city swimcap

Design for new team swim caps for my swim team, the Boston City Swimmers. We'll be printing them in dark blue ink on orange caps; this is my first design for swim caps. It's not all that different from designing a t-shirt (and those may be next).

We're gonna look so fierce at our next meet!