Sunday, October 05, 2008

more movies i've watched

dark knight

i still don't know what to say about "the dark knight" except i really enjoyed it, but am still not ready to see it again. it was intense.

pineapple express

sorry seth rogen and james franco: i'm sure you're fun to draw, but MIA's song "paper planes" has been stuck in my head since i saw the first preview for your movie. also, i just about cried when you guys were in the woods: so brilliantly ridiculous.

p.s. fun fact: i would never wear a ski mask because i find them TOTALLY SCARY. file along with fright masks and clowns under the category "disguises that mostly freak me out." see also: most wigs.

1 comment:

testmonkey said...

You know what's scary 'bout the Dark Knight? That you spent more than 10 bucks to see it.

What is up with ticket prices in the Boston area. G├╝dnesch.