Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Miss Sequential zine #2

Miss Sequential #2

Yes! Here it is! Months in the making! Miss Sequential zine #2!

This issue is a daily comic version of my everyday September 2009. I wanted to try my hand at a daily comic for a couple of reasons:
1. I like reading daily comics, and find the minutiae of other people's daily lives interesting. i wanted to challenge myself to find something interesting about every one of my own days.
2. I was somewhat doubtful that I'd manage to make a second issue without something like a DRAW EVERY SINGLE DAY directive.

Miss Sequential #2: in progress

This zine is 36 pages, 5.5 inches square. Pricing is as follows:

$4 to be mailed to North America
$5 to be mailed somewhere outside North America

(if we see each other in person, you can hand me $3 and we'll call it even!)

Now available in my shop HERE.


Julia Eff said...

Would you take some kind of fabulous trade instead?

shoot me an email!

psycho DOT zine AT yahoo DOT com


Tracey said...

Hi there,
I really want to order Miss Sequential #1 and 2 and I am in Canada but etsy tells me that it can't be shipped here. Would you be willing to email me at facilitrace(at)gmail(dot)com?

Marissa said...

Hi Tracey,

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Both zines can, indeed, be shipped to Canada or wherever. I've just updated the listing on Etsy.